bloomer’s block

sounds better than writer’s block.  some nights i think tomorrow will be easier.  i will write more then.  it is a good thought this misguided optimism thing.  still optimism is good.  and sometimes it even happens.  so what will it be tonight ?   blocked ?  or unblocked ?  the flower is Grey Witch.  it starts the day with a greyish purple that darkens instead of fading.  i guess the contrary magic of darkening rather than fading in the hot sun justifies the witch part of the name.  it is a tall plant, taller than the bird bath and its pedestal and the bricks that hold it up even higher.  and as you can see it forms a nice clump of blooms.  plenty of blooms.  now who can argue with that ? !  four images…  and i guess not too much block this evening.

grey-witch-img_0548-yard grey-witch-img_0547-clump grey-witch-img_9919-det grey-witch-img_3385-macro


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