duress.  that interesting state of affairs when things don’t quite go right.  that would cover many situations.  the weather this past summer with either too much rain or not enough.  the deer or as I like to refer to them the un-dear visiting and devouring only the most enticing seed pods.  or the win 10 laptop bickering with the network and failing to connect.  or trying to rephotograph a flower on the disconnected laptop using the android camera.  or lastly working around the android insisting on capitalizing the first letter of sentences.  some days those things will have you.  much better than those days half-in-g you.  and for the moment I will leave out android auto correct from the duress discussion.  so here is last night’s overly late image with a bit of electronically induced duress.  and before we go to said and alluded to image let me just say the mythical dog ate my blog post.  oops rats and darn !!!!!  thwarted again by the mythical evil dog of electronic duress.  please accept this interim image.  to be continued later with we hope much less duress…

13-011-C 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain

13-011-C 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain

and this would be the picture i tried to enter this morning with the bars caused by taking a picture of the picture on another computer screen…  three more images…


and this is the flower without the bars and a close up…

 14-000-spdr-tet-img-8987-det 14-000-spdr-tet-img-8987-macro


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