Window Rock

the flower i believe is named in honor of a ceremonial rock formation of the Navajo Indian nation.  the flower Window Rock is a bit unique in itself.  at least to my eyes.  like the unusual mountain with the hole in it there are not too many orange flowers with a purple eye.  and these days there are not so many with orange throats.  though i have read where this used to be fairly common.   whether it is a unique cultural object or a simple flower there is always an opportunity to gain a new perspective on our world.  four images…

window-rock-img_8787-macro-3 window-rock-img_8787-macro-2 window-rock-img_8787-macro window-rock-img_8787-det


3 thoughts on “Window Rock

    1. John Hric Post author

      I have to post a correction. This flower is not Window Rock. Every so often things get mixed up, either when you get plant home or even before you get anywhere near the plant. Then it is surprise ! If you click on the link for Window Rock you will see the actual flower which is quite different from my picture. I am glad you enjoyed the flower. Sorry it is not the flower I thought it was. Of course which ever flower it is – it is still quite pretty.


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