did you ever have the situation of trying to tell two identical twins apart ?   awkward.  confusing.  sometimes even frustrating.  and more i am sure.  please let me flip that coin.  step into a garden.  earlier today i was looking up at a very tall cosmos.  the flowers that just opened today were a much richer color than the flower that opened a day or so before.  and yes they were on the same plant.  another opportunity to observe nature at work.  or at play.  or at educating.  tonight i moved from nature observation class 101 to 102.  searching for a picture.  found one.  i think it is Alien Data Base.  so i compare it to other images.  it is.  and it is still one of those faces moments.  are these all the same flower, the same plant ?  well each day is a new flower.  a flower that opens and closes in one day.  and is gone the next day.   replaced by another flower bud from the same plant.  these were all taken here in my garden of the course of july.  is there a deja vu like word that covers such puzzlement ?   five images…

alien-database-img_9933-macro alien-database-3-days-panorama alien-database-img_4205-det-1a alien-database-img_0820-det-2a alien-database-img_9933-det-3a


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