not another bug !

relax it is a garden.  they are supposed to be there.  i think this daylily was named by an app that finds a name that is not a name.  Furgalisus.   search engine score zero.  flower score one. this is its second year here in the garden.  it did okay in spite of the lack of rain.  will it get to its predicted height next year ?  then again will next year be a decent year for growing.  only one way to find out.  enough wordiness let us switch to picturiness.  hmmm the dictionary either is getting used to my constructs or no it does not like the parallel construct using picture and ness.  situation normal.  four images…

furgalisus-img_8867-macro-2 furgalisus-img_8867-macro furgalisus-img_8867-det furgalisus-img_8867-grdn


4 thoughts on “not another bug !

  1. John Hric Post author

    Thanks Dan. Visiting with the granddaughters today. Saw your note earlier, and now is nap time. Both for granddaughters and tuckered out old granddads. As for WP you will get a louder clue when they bug me. Probably when they force me to the newer obscure editor…..


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