growing into the garden

daylilies are a perennial.  that means they come back each year again and again.   so when a daylily comes into the garden it is usually two fans.  often bare root.  so the first year is a recovery growth period.  the second year the plant will often increase the number of fans and in essence grow stronger.  the third year it has usually reached a fair portion of its growth potential.  so each of those years it is typical to see increase in plant size, the number of fans.  and to see increase in bloom count and bloom size.  this plant was in its second year here this summer.  it is doing just that.  this year bloom and plant size are on that growing curve.  they are almost to the predicted counts and sizes.  this is inspite of the general shortage of water this summer.  i expect Third Act to reach those targets in the coming year.  three images…

third-act-img_2086-macro third-act-img_2086-grdn third-act-img_2086-det


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