did i knot ?

or did i not !  looking for a flower and only slightly confused.  could i have skipped this one  ?  could the search engines be bewildered ?   could i find a niftier word than bewildered ?  or could i hurry up and just get to the picture ?  probably the best thought of the night.  two images of Two Cats Dancing…

two-cats-dancing-20160730_105858-det two-cats-dancing-20160807_201736-grdn


4 thoughts on “did i knot ?

  1. John Hric Post author

    Probably something like ageratum. The longer I garden the more the word ground cover strikes terror. Perennial permanent invasive ground covers and I do not get along. I do inter plant yarrow for an organic control for thrips. And it is invasive but mostly controllable. Not sure that there is a low growing variety of yarrow.


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