another word for that would be diversity.  i try to keep track of what is in the garden.  and then to keep track of what has been on this page recently.  it should be in my favor.  the numbers certainly push things that way.  now if my habits would just get a little closer to that.  time to start learning by doing that just a bit better.  and i guess part of that would be trying to get better pictures of those other flowers that don’t quite get as much attention.  maybe i will figure it out by next june.  for now this one will do.  Creature of the Night.  not quite black and white.  certainly a contrast of two extremes.  and the stripes repeat on the pollen capsules.  we will go with coincidence on this point.  three images…

creature-of-the-night-img_0386-grdn creature-of-the-night-img_0386-det creature-of-the-night-img_0386-macro


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