okay yellow

switch out the purple.  go with yellow tonight.  a small little 4 inch 10.2 cm flower, Rococo.  four images…

rococo-img_0054-macro2 rococo-img_0054-macro1 rococo-img_0054-det rococo-img_0054-grdn


5 thoughts on “okay yellow

    1. John Hric Post author

      not sure i understand. while not each individual variety of daylily last as long as others they are one of the longest blooming plants. they often bloom for a month and a half over all.

      1. lulu

        You’re right about day lilies blooming over a period of time, I was trying to communicate a desire for the individual bloom to last longer than a day. Thankfully each plant has more than one bloom!

      2. John Hric Post author

        It is a trade off. Each day the bloom is new and clean. and not battered and beaten by time rain and what ever nature subjects it.
        Thanks !

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