this is a garden conversion.  although for some this might have a touch of the spiritual side.  the plant tonight is Dallas Star.  a plant normally found in the diploid version.  that is 22 chromosomes.   the one pictured is tetraploid – 44 chromosomes.  often it is difficult to tell the tet version from the dip.  there are a couple of other matching sets dip and tet plants here, Black Plush and Open Hearth.  i would not want to do a cold identification test one either of those.  now Dallas Star i might just get away with that one.  the tet version is just, and i do mean just a bit taller and the bloom a little bigger.  three images…

dallas-star-img_0434-macro-tet dallas-star-img_0434-det dallas-star-img_0095-grdb


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