sometimes i know exactly where a flower is in the garden.  sometimes the pictures are one flower right next to the other just like in the garden.  and sometimes i have no idea where the flower stands in the garden.  and the pictures jump here and there all over the garden.  and the little clues are no clues at all.  this flower is one that gives me no clues.  except that it is in our garden… somewhere.  and it stops me not at all from enjoying it.  three images…

unknwn-red-dip-img_0548-macro unknwn-red-dip-img_0548-det unknwn-red-dip-img_0548-grdn


7 thoughts on “where

    1. John Hric Post author

      If we were having our first beer – I would agree I too am near the edge. Or perhaps just past the edge. After that fourth beer I might be able to pull back from the edge. All of it proves that the garden is a safe place to play games with the edge… or nearly so. Now on to SOCW. I will be right back I need to get another Cider. And sometimes that is hard (cider). So it might be two moments or even three. Oh no ‘even three’ is a mathematical syntax error. Some days SOC can take a turn for left field or the corn field. However if we sit here patiently with another beer or cider JEJ will explain it all in a deep calming voice…. be back soon. gotta get that cider !

      1. Dan Antion

        I love these comments. It occurs to me that if you didn’t plant something near the edge, the edge would just move. You know, if John won’t come to the cider, the cider will find John.

      2. John Hric Post author

        this calls for something laconic whilst i down another cider. i am besides myself without words. though the metaphor smacks of something shakespearian and woodsy. happy turkeyday Dan !

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