in the summer it look at them all.  see all of the seedlings.  in the winter it is wade through the pictures.  and sometimes get a closer look.  in the garden there are more distractions.  like ten or so other seedlings crowding the lense.  look at me.  look at me.  in the winter there is usually only one image on the screen.  and sometimes the eye sees things that were missed in the heat of summer.  take this seedling for example.  at some distances the details of coloration stand out differently.  and at a certain distance the slightly darker outer edge of the eyezone stands out rather nicely.  can something more be made of this ?  is there room for more seeds and seedlings.  choices. and to find it again.  three images…

14-000-sdlg-edged-eye-mg_1809-macro 14-000-sdlg-edged-eye-mg_1809-det 14-000-sdlg-edged-eye-mg_1809-grdn


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