foe kiss

sounds.  reality.  words.  flowers.   in English at least here in the states foe kiss and focus are two words that sound close.  the focus of the image is a major part of the story.  be it a soft blurry focus or so sharp it nearly cuts.  and most images even when they fit the story have a bit of both.  and overall if they are chosen well they still manage to support the story.  foe kiss now that idea goes with kindness and mercy.  and if applied well might just lead to a little peace.  much prefered to the pieces the alternative produces.  so in the interest of peace i offer this flower.  three images…   … and hopefully even more peace.

14-000-orgn-star-img_1822-macro 14-000-orgn-star-img_1822-det 14-000-orgn-star-img_1822-grdn


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