really ?

well here it is in all of its not so glorious confusion.  how i ever started confusing the image of one sibling with hints of orange with its orange sibling confounds me.  then again that is why i take the pictures.  and after having looked at the pictures i know better pictures are needed this summer.  better pictures of both.  some days the memories play tricks.  and other days we straighten out those tricks.  so without further words here the two siblings.

13-011-b-12-0727-003-monster-x-lavender-branch-x-sky-captain-img_1836-det 13-011-A 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain Orange img_3539 det


3 thoughts on “really ?

  1. angela1313

    I relate to both the memory tricks and the need for better photos (Sighs). The flowers are lovely in spite of all.


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