we are reaching that point.  not the composting of garden materials.  no it is time to recycle the cycle.  we have reached almost the shortest day.  tomorrow is the winter solstice.  at 5:44 am december 21st the days will stop getting shorter.  the days will now start getting longer.  we have made the turn around the sun.  we will come at it with a new tilt.  and that part i have wrong.  our tilt will remain the same.  however in relation to the sun our closeness to the sun will increase.  and things will eventually become warmer.  i think i can hold onto that idea as we begin the first day of winter.  three images of a nice warm color daylily…

11-000-olivias-opera-kid-x-b110-sdlg-img_1844-macro 11-000-olivias-opera-kid-x-b110-sdlg-img_1844-det 11-000-olivias-opera-kid-x-b110-sdlg-img_1844-grdn


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