what’s blooming

it is kinda like letting a kid loose in a candy shop.  here gardner take this camera and find some flowers.  so what was blooming the day this folder filled up with pictures ?  this red flower was next.  and don’t imagine the path was a straight line.  it was follow what is open zig zagging around the yard.  next, next, next, oh what is blooming over there !  the seedling has a dark red eye like the seedlings next to it.  what is does not have is a pale cream colored petal.  instead the petal is only a slightly lighter red than the eye.  still it is probably a sibling to the flower we will see tomorrow.  seed is a different way to spell surprise.  you never know what is coming till they bloom.  three images…

rajah-x-purple-satellite-qqq-img_1846-macro rajah-x-purple-satellite-qqq-img_1846-det rajah-x-purple-satellite-qqq-img_1846-grdn


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