no over here

please follow the camera as i jump around the garden.  last night was Startman’s Quest and a mention of one of its parents Trahlyta.  tonight it is Trahlyta on steroids.  well not exactly, it is Trahalyta with twice as many chromosomes.  instead of 22 chromosomes it has 44.  if you were to translate that into x-man terms it means that there are twice as many genes supporting a trait.  loosely put it makes those traits twice as strong.  going back to x-man magnetism would be twice as strong and the storm could build twice as quick.  not quite accurate however it is a good simple analogy.  with the plant it often shows as a stronger thicker stem.  or bigger seeds.  or in color a potential for a deeper color or a more rain resistant petal.  so after all this yakking about double chromosomes here is tetraploid 44 chromosome Trahlyta.  and yes the tetraploid version is a little heftier.  that being said i like both the steroid and non steroid versions and make crosses with both.  as in all things there are trade offs.  three images…

trahlyta-tet-img_1858-macro trahlyta-tet-img_1858-det trahlyta-tet-img_1858-grdn


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