now that i know where i am at i can wonder if scotty beamed me across the garden.  it happens.  flower over there !  go for it.  ignore other flowers in between and betwixt ?  possibly.  this is X Marks the Spot.  yes an incredibly romantic name for a daylily.  sometimes i do that.  there is a reason for everything.  sometimes it is even a good reason.  or not.  three images…

x-marks-the-spot-img_1865-macro x-marks-the-spot-img_1865-det x-marks-the-spot-img_1865-grdn


2 thoughts on “well

  1. John Hric Post author

    Dan – glad you enjoy it. So iff we were having a beer… what colors and or what kinds of images come across in a manner that provide more rather than less information ? Stay warm.


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