night flower

this flower opens in the early evening.  and closes in the late afternoon.  it is a nocturnal – a night flower.  it is pale purple and a small flower on a tall plant.  it is also on the far far end of the yard from yesterday’s flower.  could there have been frequent flier miles and a credit card promotion involved ?   what is in your camera.  oops i forgot to dramatically lower my voice.  lets have the flower set the dramatic stage.  a big job for a little flower.  don’t be lulled Lavender Minaret.  four images…

lavender-minaret-img_1869-macro_2 lavender-minaret-img_1869-macro lavender-minaret-img_1869-det lavender-minaret-img_1869-grdn


3 thoughts on “night flower

    1. John Hric Post author

      They are not completely rare. I know there are a few others here that open the night before. Short answer I don’t really know. Often unless one is doing something special with the plant you might not catch when it opens. With all of the blooms going on, ripe buds ready to burst open, fully open, and those that are fading it is a bit much to notice when a particular flower opens or closes for that matter. So unless I am taking a picture at the right time or trying to pollinate a flower I would not notice. I know this one and Cerulean Star are evening openers. The parents of Lavender Minaret are here in the garden. Not sure when they open. I will have to check this summer. I think the designation was only added recently. It does not show in the online database.


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