february is usually colder around here.  and don’t take that as a whiny complaint.  more of a statement of fact.  and we are back to our roller coaster winter.  cold warm cold warm.  so the situation does not quite fit.  maybe  if march had just finished coming in like a lion.  and the roar was starting to fade this would work better.  then again we could just imagine that was happening.  at least for the purposes of this post.  this flower is a mix of white and green.  just like spring when the first signs of spring show through the melting snow.  okay you can stop imagining now and just look at the flower.  three images…

13-000-white-seedling-img_1938-macro 13-000-white-seedling-img_1938-det 13-000-white-seedling-img_1939-grdn


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