what is the angle ?

i come back to these pictures and i wonder what happened when i was in the garden.  was i in a hurry ?  were there too many obstacles in the garden to get a second shot ?  what ever the reason all there is to work with is this side shot.  three images…


7 thoughts on “what is the angle ?

    1. John Hric Post author

      all things considered it is not a bad picture. it is just one of those moments when i wish there was a second image with a different angle. and you are right. it could have been something far worse. Thanks !

  1. TamrahJo

    Your pics may not have captured all you eye/spirit/mind wanted to, but I still enjoyed and oohed/ahhed over – – 🙂 But, then, I RARELY truly capture everything that went through my head, as I experienced a moment, via a picture – thus, I just fall back on 10,000+ words to explain….LOL See? How ahead of the ball game thou art? LOL

  2. angela1313

    Eve monkeys sometimes fall out of trees. I see your point but still like the sideways shots. The color shines regardless of theangle.


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