did i

put my enthusiasm on top of and thereby misplace my lexicon ?  that is okay.  daylilies just wanna have bloom…  three images…



6 thoughts on “did i

  1. TamrahJo

    My tulips have bloomed and are 6+” tall, shrouded by brush/winter’s blanket from native grasses I didn’t bother weeding last summer OR clearing away for fall/early spring clean up – – the daylilies, a mere 2 feet or so away – slowly gain height, but, I’m starting to think – all I’ll ever post, from here, for you to see, is “My! look at her messy gardening ways and the green foliage!” = For my part, from my perspective, if they go on and keep coming up – whether they bloom or not, they have carved out a place for themselves and I’m no longer in a hurry to rush along their plans, by trying to be ‘helpful’ – – LOL If one or more bloom, this year, it IS on my radar to catch it and snap a pic to share – cuz I so enjoy your shares, info and time listening to me give excuses over my lackadaisical gardening nature – – – LOL

    1. John Hric Post author

      I may need to nudge myself when you post and ignore brush and weeds. Or I may go with the right response first off – it is your garden and as long as you are enjoying it that is all that matters ! Enjoy your garden. The only person you need to make happy is yourself ! And I will enjoy seeing your pictures ! Thanks ! Glad to hear those tulips are blooming ! Sometimes that brush makes a little micro climate that actually aids the tulip. Ours have just started blooming here. A lot of times the higher elevations can delay the bloom cycle. I know it makes the summer annuals bloom later. I remember being at Maroon Bells and seeing columbine blooming in August. Enjoy your garden when ever it blooms !

    1. John Hric Post author

      It is called a bi-tone or a bi-color. There is a hint a blush of the petal color in the sepals. So the sepals come across as a cream color. they are not totally rare still no one has really quite figured them out or specialized in them. they do have quite a look. I am glad you enjoy it. tonight’s post has a similar looking flower. Totally a coincidence I might add. Thanks !


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