you want to mess around with words.  inadequate…


3 thoughts on “so

  1. TamrahJo

    Whine…but I can’t take pictures like you do…can’t I just write 1,000 words to describe the beauty? LOL – – 🙂 Daylilies here, in Colorado, Green, growing strong and not even buds yet – if nothing else, my place is providing enough for them to survive to some day, have a bloomin day – – LOL Tulips, Rhubarb going gang busters – – LOL

    1. John Hric Post author

      Someone from Louisiana posted they had lots of bloom on another list I follow. There is no sign of bloom here. And I don’t expect any until at least the end of May. And even that may be a wildly optimistic projection. All in good time. As for the pictures the camera can make a big difference. I just got my prefered camera back from the repair shop. Compared to the 35mm camera the tablet camera does not give clear focused images up close. Then again that does not change the flower. I just changes what I have to share. The last half of last summer I was stuck with the tablet camera. And I got to whine a little. Glad to hear everything is growing for you !


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