fern unfurling

spring waits for nothing.  the miniature iris are blooming out.  the Virginia Blue Bells are done.  there was one last bell dangling this morning.  the full size iris and the peony are stepping up to the display.  the fiddle heads have gone to unfurl.  and the dortmundi species daylily are budding.  they will be blooming very soon.  and usually that means that the regular daylily bloom is about two weeks away.  than means only some old pictures and some new pictures as daylily season winds up.   call me easily excited.  four images…  and two seedling beds are ready for seeds…



2 thoughts on “fern unfurling

  1. hilarycustancegreen

    Beautiful sight and I get excited too, but I wish spring would sometimes wait. Here late frosts after an early heat-wave have resulted in withered young foliage across the garden and the probably loss of our largest, most lovely, Japanese Maple.


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