there is a first for everything.  how a flower came to be named for a turtle i may never understand.  somehow it has been done.  the cross is Turtle Tails x Brown Exotica.  and no matter the path of naming i do rather enjoy the results.  three images…


One thought on “turtles

  1. Wãshē Kōdä

    Thanks for sharing all your Day Lilies 🙂 The summers of ’67-’69 I worked for a family friend David Godard proprietor of “Avon Acres Day Lily & Iris Ranch” between high-way #10 & the Mississippi River just north of Anoka, Minnesota. Oh the education I got from him is priceless, met folks from around the world that would stop by, and he shipped mail orders all over the USA (except California).
    I am a retired electrician, now living in N.E. Tennessee the past ten yrs, with a small patch of Iris & a ½dozen Day’s all raised from seeds which I think I propagated from cross pollinating with Q-tips & catching the seeds with little cheese cloth bags.
    Take care and keep up the good work ~ Your follower Willy


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