for now.  later who knows what it might become.  it could be the start of a pattern.  the rain drops did a good job of hiding it this morning.   who knows some day it might even show up regularly ?  or when the whim or the weather strikes.  time and good or lucky choices on the next cross will play a role.  and a bit of a bigger view.  five images…


4 thoughts on “smudge

  1. Washe Koda

    Wow! my 6 day’s are done blooming for the year in NE Tennessee (one supposed to be early, the other mid summer, & the other late summer blooms) they all happened in June!)
    They always worked for the last 9 yrs. Even my pride&joy cross is spent. Global Warming must be doing it ❕
    I enjoy your Daylily posts, Thanks for sharing 😉

    1. John Hric Post author

      I am wondering how long our season will be this year. It has been a strange weather year so far. I am glad you enjoy the daylilies. You are welcome.


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