these flowers both have extra petals and sepals.  one has an extra set of petals and sepals.  so there is a total of four petals and four sepals.  the other one has a complete extra flower.  it is two flowers fused together.  instead of three petals and three sepals there are six of each.  and while i cannot quite find that 12th stamen there are two pistils.  four images…

3 thoughts on “extra

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan, You left out pull over, get out of the vehicle and put your hands on the hood. No flowers were harmed in the photographing of these blooms. Fused blooms and other things like fused stems are relatively common in many plants. The flower stem will often be wider and flattened. And the bloom will be larger and may be distorted from the normal round shape. Daylilies just do this a little more gracefully most of the time. Out of about 2000 plants i will see 4 or 5 fused blooms each year. And they do this on their own. No chemicals or hormones have been added by outside sources. Unless those frisky squirrels are up to more tricks. As for the extra petal polys – there are lots of daylilies that have the genetic predisposition to say this flower needs an extra set of petals this year. Give Me Eight is named just for this trait. About 40% of the blooms are poly. You can wait for the drug tests to come back, I am going back into the garden. There is sunshine and flowers out there. And during those brief brakes well if we were having a beer in the shade well there would be no if. and we could continue this conversation in a civilized manner…


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