and gardens in the light.  i am tempted to say different light.  and realize it can be how things are seen in the same light.  of course the light changes between sunny and cloudy.  and between dusk, dawn, and full noon.  and it also changes in our eyes and in the devices we use.  the first two images are moments apart.   no photo shop is involved.  i suspect the close up image was changed to close up settings.  no other changes on the camera adjustments.  the difference in the color intensity is obvious.  i suspect that similar differences occur all day long as pictures are taken.  and that i just miss those subtleties.  seven images, the last rolling into another day in the summer garden…

14-076 11-012 Highland Pinched Fingers x Flower Shop) x SH B110 Tet Skinwalker) x (11-013 Highland Pinched Fingers x Raspberry Sickle) x SH B-110 Tet Skinwalker

14-100 Morgan’s Melody x Poultry In Motion

14-002 13-0702-003 LR x Tal X SRF) x 13-0702-002 LR x Tal x SRF

14-000 srf kid

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