after rain comes snow

it must be march.  tonight it is all white outside.  the crocus have done this before.  gardeners have done this before.  how long will this snow stay ?  six images…

8 thoughts on “after rain comes snow

  1. Dan Antion

    March comes in like a lion, I guess. But it’s a shaggy wet lion here. Cold, blustery but looks like a rain event for us. Pockets of deep snow within 30 miles of us, but we seem destined to just be wet today. Thanks for naming the Queen Ann’s Lace – I can never remember what those are called.

    1. John Hric Post author

      I am hoping March gets the lion out of its system soon. I think we have about 3 inches of shaggy lion. Waiting how long the temps keep the snow and bring back the crocus. I try to put a name to the images. It makes them easier to find again. I like to keep a couple queen anne’s lace. They attract beneficial wasps. Not to mention it is a long lasting big flat flower. thanks Dan.


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