find a picture

regroup.  did i find a picture of a flower ?  yes.  can we share it ?  yes.  these are pictures i made.  most are from right in my garden.  some from other gardens i have visited.  do i want to count the days till spring ?  not really.  that gets boring for me real quick.  i can’t imagine counting the days would be a reason to come back.  weather reports ?  another big nah.  perhaps i should stick with the flowers.  if a rambling random narrative comes along that is all well and good.  six images…

14-014 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein ) x Venus of Willendorf

14-052 10-106 Raspberry Sickle x (Old King Cole x Seedling) x Websters Pink Wonder

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