worrying about wait

not.  people worry about weight for all kinds of reasons.  they can be anywhere from anorexic to morbidly obese and that includes all of the inbetweens.  and that is okay.  weight is something to reasonably worry about.  at the end of winter other people worry about wait.  wait for spring to come.  that is a wait that must be endured.  i can hear the voice of those little kids in the back of the car – are we there yet !  except in this case the voices are often adults.  are we there yet !  what more snow !  another grey day !  yup to all of the above.  i guess that is the reason why we are actually so happy when spring does finally arrive.  six images from last summer.  concentrate on the images.  don’t say a word about wait…

11-069 Gift Tie x Prague Spring) x Orchid Lady Slipper

14-077C12-0724-002 Flying Carpet x Pygmy Pirate) x Heavenly Fire Arrow) x 12-0708-001 Embassy x 12-0708-001 Embassy x B-110-2 ( Sib white spdr

14-093 Crimson Sky x Crack Of Dawn

16-0629-001 purple dip ufo


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