spring comes in steps.  not smooth every day.  some forwards and some slide back.  tomorrow warmer again.  no spring flowers today.  they bloomed – just no new pictures today.  six images from last summer…

14-112 Wizest of Wizards x 11-082 Webster Seedling x (09-009 South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers)


2 thoughts on “steps

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan, It is looking to be just that. If you remember The Secret of NIHM then you should remember ‘moving day in the meadow.’ Time to finish what should have happened last fall. Flagged seedlings need to move to the 2nd level observation bed. And a whole other bunch of plants need moved. Think musical chairs in the garden. Think chaos. Think well exercised old gardener. Think at the middle and end of the day moving the bar stools out to the garden. It will be a good day. Hope your day and week is great too


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