columbine and more.  at one end yard waste is going into the compost pile.  weeds and such are filling the right most bin.  and at the other end the harvest of compost is returning to the garden and filling this year’s pots.  the bin was nearly four feet high filled with compost.  now it is nearing empty.  and those mythical blooming spring flowers… the lupine is sending up a spike.  and petunias fill the pot.  seven images…

5 thoughts on “lupine

    1. John Hric Post author

      heart and soul – in our garden columbine are a short lived perennial. They will last 3 to 5 years. However in this time they will also reseed themselves. So you should never be without them. for us they tend to go back to the wild form with smaller spurs. However just the other day we had a self planted one start blooming with nice long spurs. You should see some more in tonight’s post. You might try some seed and get a bunch all at once next year. Scatter the seed about the same time the pink one goes to seed. Thanks and I agree they are gorgeous.

      1. heartandsoul974

        Hi John, my name is Mary and you can call me that if you wish. that sounds great about the reseeding…I would love Columbines around the yard! Thanks!

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