when you make bread you mix up the dough and if you are using yeast you pause.  the bread is set aside and allowed to rise.  the analogy is close to what is happening here.  the yeast is making things rise.  and in the garden each day another 5 or 10 or 20 come into bloom.  today i did not take a picture of every plant that is in bloom.  i missed a few distracted by the flower next to them.  and i skipped a few.  and i still managed to take over 100 pictures.  however there are a lot more daylilies in the yard.  for every plant that is blooming there are another 8 to 10 plants that have not started blooming yet.  the yeast is still rising.  when the garden is in full swing there will be more color than green.  it will happen.

14-117 10-051 WTP x Asterisk) x 11-081 WTP x (SS x Talon x RFK


2 thoughts on “bread

  1. Washe Koda

    Nice analogy 😉 I worked at ‘Avon Acres’ in central Minnesota next to the Mississippi river in the 60’s OMG the color of near 5 acres of irrigated beds of Day’s & Iris (mostly Day Lilies) I like your web site, brings back fond memories for me 🙂 🌺

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thank you. I am glad it helps bring back those memories. And I agree. Every so often I get to visit a big daylily garden. Looking out on several acres of flowers can give a person pause. Even my city lot in full bloom will do that to me.


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