less and more

daylilies are subject to change.  or spontaneity.  or maybe whim is the better word.  most days you get same same.  some days less.  and some days more.  these two plants did the less and more today.  the lighter one had half a petal.  it kinda folded the other part into the midrib.  the darker flower had three blooms today.  and each bloom had a little extra tissue.  mostly it was extra tissue growing right up the stamen and looking like an extra petal.  giving the flowers  a total of 7 petals instead of the usual 6.  one of them had a tiny flag of tissue growing right at the tip of the stamen.  you can see the pollen capsule in the first extra petal.  and only 5 stamen in each of the flowers.  and tomorrow it will be like nothing unusual happened.  everything will be perfectly normal.  no radiation.  no disease.  just whim.

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