things to do in the garden

collecting seeds.  watching seed pods ripen and split open.  pulling weeds.  seeing what is blooming.  and moving compost material.  one bin is full to the top.  two bins are ready to have their compost harvested.  and so doing make room for the end of summer and autumn waste.  before that happens the storage bin needs some work.  it is mostly emptied.  however the trees next door have once again gotten their roots into the compost.  so a little trenching around the edges of the bin and some aggressive root removal is in order.  nothing like a good work out.  a little shoveling.  some chopping.  and a little more with the grape hoe.  pause and rehydrate.  and a walk through the flowers and lingering monarch butterflies as i head for the house.

7 thoughts on “things to do in the garden

    1. John Hric Post author

      It is a sedum also known as stonecrop. And I had to look it up to confirm it. And I have and idea where to plant some of it next summer. A spot that seems to dry out too fast for most other plants. Glad you enjoy it Dan.

  1. roberta4949

    just when you think your done your not. my 3 acres is like you do a little bit at a time it is amazing how much you end up getting done only to see you still have things to do. lol


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