who is next ?

walk slow and look around.  and walk around again looking for what you missed.  yes the number of blooming flowers is lower than it was a couple of weeks ago.  and seeing what i saw today tells me i probably missed even more flowers back then.  here are a few of the things i eventually found today.  after a couple go arounds i noticed a brand new seedling in bloom.  admittedly it was doing a good job of keeping its head down.  and there are more getting ready to stick their heads up.  there are scapes coming up with new flowers.  so while i am collecting the seed pods i will enjoy those monarch butterflies and the flowers that are blooming.

16-154 11-067 Dark Counterpoint x Nyragongo) x Two Cats Dancing



2 thoughts on “who is next ?

    1. John Hric Post author

      Me too Dan. Like I said – being in the garden is the reward. Not sure whether it is the same two monarchs, there has been a pair of them in the garden the last several days. As long as they stay I will keep enjoying their company. Thanks Dan !


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