days unfold

each day reveals where we are.  what has been done.  what is happening today.  and what needs to be done in days to come.  many flowers have bloomed and are gone.  many still bloom.  and many have gone to seed.  seeds need to be harvested.  and in some cases plants need to remain in place until those seeds are ripe and harvested.  and for others the moving has begun.  there are empty places where plants used to be.  and there are flagged plants waiting to be in those empty places.

14-081 12-135 11-0811 Gort x Pygmy Pirate) x (11-0805-A Adeline Goldner x sdlg) x Sigourney

4 thoughts on “days unfold

    1. John Hric Post author

      It is getting to the point where the grass portion of the yard is mostly paths separating the gardens throughout the yard. Which as far as I am concerned is mostly a good thing. Thanks Dan


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