looking vs seeing

often this part begins with ‘find a picture.’  ‘looking’ for a picture.  found a picture – hmm that would be seeing what i want.  there is a picture.  when i first saw it the thought was this is not good.  i was not seeing the daylilies.  there was clutter in the way.  then again maybe the not seeing came from not looking for that.  maybe i was looking for a ‘garden’ picture.  or even a nature picture.  we will get back to that.  so what do you see ?  or better what were you looking for ?   did you see the whole and not try to break it into discrete elements ?  did you choose primary and secondary elements to focus ?  did you choose to dismiss lesser elements ?  did you notice the blue larkspur ?  or should i say the mostly blue except for the pink petals.  did the unbloomed scape get mentally pushed out of the way so the large and mostly obscured flowers could be seen ?  or did the green and red coleus get your attention ?  so what have you been conditioned to see ?  it might be this picture was chosen to tell the story of nature.  a story where no one element is in front or in focus.  a story where only barely constrained chaos rules the day as soon as the gardener’s hand is drawn away.  well it is a theory – chaos that is.  and it might even explain why some days i walk right past the prettiest of visions…


6 thoughts on “looking vs seeing

    1. John Hric Post author

      Well Dan that is not the answer I was expecting. I guess I left the door open to that response! And I will let the abundant beauty take the bulk of the credit. It only takes a wee nudge to get it started.

  1. susansdailygarden

    So very much agree! I enjoy the buds and the backs of the flowers almost as much as the flower as it would be in a catalogue or a descriptive tag at the store. And the little bugs and the color differences between blooms on the very same plant. And the way a plant in back or off to the side of a plant enhances a bloom. Even houses in the background, the neighbors flowers in the background. It all makes a wonderful palette of color!


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