now that could cover a lot of things.  tonight it mainly covers the plant.  the one seedling has been dropped on a concrete paver for several years.  a few inches one way or the other it would have had dirt under its roots and planted itself.  it was finally rescued and even managed to bloom this year.  one of its parents Dragons Eye is in these pictures.  it is the round pink one with a darker red eye.  sitting on that paver it was too stubborn to die.  and it is way to pretty to ignore.  so one of the reasons i like daylilies is they can be very stubborn…

10-055 Dragons Eye x Purple Many Faces

4 thoughts on “stubborn

  1. Dan Antion

    Very nice. Are all your gardens edged with pavers? I ask, because I edged the house’s foundation with pavers so I could run the mower along the edge and have less to weed-whack.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Generally yes. There are a few spots like the bed across the front of the house that have semi pie shaped raised blocks. Have to use the weed wacker around those. Otherwise the pavers are there to more or less keep the grass and weeds out of the flower beds. Even the seedling beds in back have pavers. Though those are more walking paths and markers so I don’t have to remeasure the beds each year. They are a little shorter in front of the compost piles. The general measure is 4 ft x 20 ft.

  2. susansdailygarden

    Yes! I might be lazy but I’ve been contemplating continuing to just tuck harvested daylily seeds into little nooks and crannies each spring and see what happens. Your example of a stubborn daylily is encouraging!


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