learning curve

those seeds don’t look so good.  they might not sprout.  put three, four, maybe even five in that spot and perhaps one will grow.  or too many will grow there.  when the plant was selected and moved to the secondary observation bed after three years it looked like one single plant.  two years later there are at least three plants in that tangle.  all growing.  all blooming.  next summer i am going to have to find the lad who does that untangling thing.

14-157-B Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker

14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker

3 thoughts on “learning curve

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  2. John Hric Post author

    hmmm – try number 3. WP and the keyboard keep eating my reply. This is one of those philosophical questions that require pondering fluid. Not too often I would say. The ones that are selling something just go into what they are selling this year. The ones who do it for enjoyment mostly dive into this growing season. The exception would be those who had a serious problem last year. They might think about the problem and different solutions this year. I will often plan crosses I should make in the off season. Especially when I see a flower and pose the what if question. However if I remember 5% of the planned crosses next summer it would be a miracle. And I don’t ever take a list of planned crosses into the garden each day of the summer. Now sometimes I will freeze pollen and use that to cross to a plant that blooms at a different time. Whether that is tomorrow, next week, or way early or way late in the growing season. Does that answer your question ? Or do we need to ask Cheryl for another round of pondering fluid ?


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