while one is awake one should post.  today will be a holiday here.  Thanksgiving day.  if you find it in your heart give thanks for what you have.

14-053-B 11-003 Turn Back Time X Coburg Preview) x (Highland Pinched Fingers x South Seas ) x SH B110- tet skinwalker kid

14-115 10-045 Talon x Give Me Eight) x Skinwalker

14-118 10-051 Walking the Pattern x Asterisk ) x Skinwalker

14-150 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills sib to Eyed seedling

3 thoughts on “now

  1. Delores Malcomson

    I am thankful that I have eyes to see these beautiful flowers that you post! Aren’t we blessed to have such gorgeous color combinations and the ability to see in color so that we can enjoy them! I am thankful that you like to tend your garden and post your lovely flowers!


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