it was cold on thanksgiving day.  today it was warmer, 50 degrees fahrenheit.  warm enough for a lone dandelion to be blooming.  nature is a determined force capable of simple and magnificent beauty.  i would ascribe that to many flowers including the daylily.  that would include the gardenia in tonight’s pictures.  that gardenia started from a small cutting.  a little bit of stem with four leaves topped with a flower in bloom.  placed into some dirt it rooted and grew into a large plant.  and while it still needs to be taken in from the cold it is no less a determined force in nature.

10-055 Dragons Eye x Purple Many Faces

4 thoughts on “was

  1. Dan Antion

    Last year, we had a dandelion, close to the foundation, that bloomed right through the winter. It is always good to see. That gardenia does look like a bundle of energy.

    1. John Hric Post author

      I am guessing that must be a nice sunny spot next to the foundation. It is nice to have something blooming through the winter. If I am remembering right the gardenia does a big burst of bloom the beginning of July. And some sporadic bloom after. She Who Must Be Obeyed really likes it.
      Thanks Dan !

  2. susansdailygarden

    I am imagining the daylily in the third from the last picture. I love the outside of a bloom every bit as much as the look from the front (I’m sure there is a term for both), and that daylily looks like it would be gorgeous!
    Thanks, as always, for continuing to share.

    1. John Hric Post author

      There may be such a term. However I am not aware of it. Occasionally I will see comments about the back of a certain flower and how it might affect the rest of a flower. It is occasionally and not an overly common occurrence. It is not a discussion to which I can bring much information. That is not to say it is not worth discussing. For the moment I will need to listen and gather information.


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