even though i have been crastinating most of my life i am still only an ameturecrastinator.  and i fear will never be a procrastinator.  or this may only be hyperbole purely for the purpose of frustrating the digital spellchecker.  that in itself is certainly more than enough reason for this ramble.  now to dress it up with a bit of flowers…

10-068 Bark At Me x Autumn Minaret

12-020 10-039 x SLY SUE12-020 10-039 x SLY SUE yellow

Mildred Mitchell


7 thoughts on “crastinating

    1. John Hric Post author

      When you are in the garden sometimes there is little time for crastination. Like when spring or fall musical chairs is in motion. Plants got to move. Now on the other hand when pondering potential crosses it is just as important to take all the time cranstinating as one needs. Anyone can make the spontaneous cross. It is reaching to find the less than obvious cross that opens up those unexpected paths. Sometimes a philosophically emollient releasing adult beverage is required to open the doors to those paths. Not a moment of haste instead many moments of pondered possibilities. whew I think my thesaurus is trying to catch its breath…

    2. John Hric Post author

      PS you are in triple secret bonus points. Words not found in the dictionary ‘anticrastinator’ are most excellent. Rumor has it they keep the language alive. And both Mr Webster and Tinkerbell appreciate that…

  1. Almost Iowa

    To be truly remarkable at something, you need to be born with potential then practice, practice, practice. The beauty of procrastination is that you can practice it without doing anything.


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