here we go

well that came quick enough.  it appears that i have been using the previous classic editor.  and along comes gutenberg and thrusts me into the ‘new’ classic editor.  or i could just upgrade to gutenberg and just learn one new editor.  kinda like the garden, there are the old favorites and i don’t want to change until i am ready or until i am forced to change.  well at least it is not fighting me tooth and nail to work in lower case.  now to see what sorts of magic wands are required to keep minimal changes to the finished page.  

I am waiting til closer to the normal time to publish.  preview is looking like a normal page about to be published.  some things are in slightly different places.  normally i am able to put all of the images into a single add media.  today each image had to go into an individual box.  different themes may present other issues.  right now the only thing i am looking for is the spell checker.

14-047 10-022 pygmy plum x flying carpet ) x Poultry In Motion
14-047 10-022 pygmy plum x flying carpet ) x Poultry In Motion
14-110 Sky Captain x 11-082 Webster Seedling x (09-009 South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers)
14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker
14-157-B Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker
Teddy Bears Picnic

2 thoughts on “here we go

  1. Dan Antion

    Beautiful flowers, John. I gave Guttenberg a whirl yesterday for my WATWB post. I was not impressed. Two features I use extensively are not (hopefully that’s not yet) supported. You can’t indent a paragraph without reverting the block to “classic” mode. I could live with that. It also does not support the mosaic tiled galleries that self-arrange into a nice looking collage and can switch into a slideshow by clicking on any photo. What they offer as a gallery option is abysmal (and that’s being kind). I hope they get it fixed/finished before we are forced to use it.

    1. John Hric Post author

      I hear you Dan. My layout is pretty simple and I am not too surprised to hear it does not deal with your gallery layout yet. I hope they get them working for you.


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