it is just ink

ink from yesterday’s flower that is melting.  they are daylilies and they last one day.  except when they get in the way of today’s picture.  then i move them out of the way and clean the ink off my hand by wiping it on the grass.  just one more thing to slow me down during the golden hour.  yes it is terribly rough work.  taking pictures of pretty flowers and wiping the ink from yesterday’s pretty flowers off my hand…

10-089 Diabolique x Smoke Scream

12-131 Smoke Scream x Swamp Apparition



5 thoughts on “it is just ink

    1. John Hric Post author

      That is perhaps the greatest straight line for a cognitive association joke that I have heard yet this morning. Not that I have a snappy response waiting or spontaneously forming. I will simply go with the theory that you have a set of double swinging saloon doors waiting for Thursday. And that we will discuss them at greater length on Saturday at Cheryl’s place. that and anything that triggers cognitive activity and philosophical contemplation at Cheryl’s can’t be all bad. Is that too much unbridled optimism for a Tuesday morning ? And if none of that works I submit the phrase ‘unbridled optimism’. Just where did that come from ? Do normal people all have bridled optimism ? You can of course save any answers until Saturday…

    1. John Hric Post author

      somewhere I might have a picture of my rainbow stained hands. Once or twice a season we deadhead the whole garden for things like Garden Walk. Later that day or the next the hands finally wash clean.


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