the image numbers on these pictures are a history of my footsteps in the garden last summer.  the path followed the morning these pictures were taken.  a bit of a winding path, not always one plant next to the other.  some where passed over buds a day or two awaiting bloom.  others passed as they had bloomed the day before and now had withered and melted.  some skipped because of distraction or fascination with another flower.  so there are many factors that determine the direction our footsteps take.  is a straight line a mark on a map ?  or is it other factors that determine the moments and path of our day ?

12-118 Diabolique x Purple Satellite

14-012 12-042 Irish Lullaby x ((Bark at Me x Black Plush) x Grey Witch ) x Venus of Willendorf

14-021 Dark Counterpoint x Purple Satellite

14-079-B 12-110 Anna Mel(NR) x Coburg Preview) x (B110-A Tet Skinwalker) x Morticia) x Apatosaurus

14-156 12-140 Grey Witch x Walking The Pattern) x Skinwalker


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