story or picture ?

unless this is wordless wednesday.  or wordless any day words might matter.  i could start with the image.  or i could start with the words.  if the past is any indication i just about always start with words.  so whether it happens or not i seem to be leaning towards a story to go with the pictures.  i was tempted to go with one picture and many fragments of it.  i will not blame the picture i just wanted to get done today and not make it too labored an effort.  the could be about the light playing on the yellow flower.  or the shades of red playing in both light and shadow.  it could be about flowers with a background of green leaves.  or an orange flower sitting in a black background.  or a brown flower with gradations of red, yellow, and orange.  the garden is a lot like the city in that respect.  there are a thousand stories.  it just depends which one is chosen.  and how well the words and the story go together.  when i do decide to tell just one.  and make the parts as interesting and lively as possible.  unless i happen to know you just could not handle one more bit of excitement that day.

11-058 Nutmeg Elf x (Little Rainbow x Talon

13-097 Volcan Fuego (Talon x Smoke Scream)

3 thoughts on “story or picture ?

  1. Dan Antion

    Great pictures, John but I appreciate words/ For me, One-Liner Wednesday is something I try to limit to 600 words. I haven’t tried a ‘wordless’ anything, but I’m guessing that would clock in at 200-300 words.


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