coulda, shoulda, did i

going through these pictures in winter takes me to wonderland.  not the winter wonderland you might be thinking of.  more the wonderland of did i flag that one ?  where is it in the garden ?  and not that i refer to them as babies just to borrow a phrase… is that baby going to get thrown out with the bath water ?  looking at the pictures now it is easy to make decisions.  looking at green leaves, more green leaves, and even more green leaves come spring and early summer puts one in the old head scratching posture.  is it this set of green leaves or that set of green leaves that belong to that pretty picture from last winter?  you know the one that i really really want to save.  now if i only knew.  sadly this is not a new knowing problem.  when they do bloom and i do know i will finally know if i chose wisely or that i know too late and too little where to look.  now where was that pun that goes here ?

14-118 10-051 Walking the Pattern x Asterisk ) x Skinwalker

16-000 Mildred Mitchell kid


10 thoughts on “coulda, shoulda, did i

  1. Debra Carriker

    The colors are stunning on this second and third photo John. Your daily flowers are a bright spot in my inbox. Thank you.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Debra, It is very good to hear from you. They are the same flower. I think I shaded the second one to get a more consistent image. Always happy to brighten the inbox ! You are quite welcome. Have a great holiday season.

  2. John Hric Post author

    I am glad you enjoy it. Now if I can find it next spring in the garden both of us will be happy… I will try to remember to listen for the giggling as I walk past it. The flowers are amused to no end when they hide from me…


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