play in the garden

it will come soon enough.  somewhere in mid march the weather will change and plants will reclaim the garden from winter.  mean while i will play in the image folders.  i will look at the pictures from last summer.  i will see things again and plan the new summer garden.  and i will see things that happened too fully last summer.  it is possible for adults to have that wow kid in the candy shop too much to choose from moments.  moments when assimilation and perception is over whelmed by the full beauty of an exploding garden.  too many colors and too many shapes to take them all in.  hmmm makes me want to get back to too much.  and that will come in good time…

12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills

14-109 Dark Counterpoint x Scandinavia

2 thoughts on “play in the garden

    1. John Hric Post author

      The annuals don’t go in the garden till Mid May. The perennials all have their own schedule. Daylilies depending on the mud and temperature direct seed planting on good years can start mid March. Now pod peas can be planted at the beginning of March. Many a year i would use small stick to poke a shallow hole and poke the peas into the ground the week before St. Patty’s day. And a lot of times it would snow afterwards. The peas want and need to get planted that early.


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